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Ex-musician Jo accepts a job on concert tour and buries herself in work to avoid the music that broke her. But tour manager Caleb needs his impossible workload to ward off his demons, and he's bent on proving he doesn’t need her help—or her disarming smiles.

Closet songwriter James let the love of his life, ambitious musician Brett, slip away eight years ago. When he finds out she's in London, the stars may finally align. But old wounds fester and secrets lie in wait. With only one night to reconnect, the truth can wait...right?

When a hot, should-never-have-happened-kiss leads to a white lie about a relationship, a spiralling rockstar and a jaded fashion model must spend four weeks faking it on a couples' holiday in Provence—with their happily married exes.


Jo Savvides hasn’t touched a guitar since an accident she shouldn’t have survived crushed her musical dreams, along with her heart. While event waitressing isn’t her dream, it’s a means to some quick cash, and more importantly, a ticket out of town. With the pressure to “move on” closing in, her father’s home country, Greece, offers the escape she desperately needs, and a place she can cling to the ghosts of her past undisturbed.

Workaholic Caleb Evans thinks he has it all figured out. Co-owner of a successful software company and one year into a budding career as a talent manager, there’s no time to dwell on the fact that all his mates are getting married and having kids while he’s…not. Which is fine. They say you only get one great love in life, and Caleb already had his. But after fiery ex-musician Jo crashes into his life—literally—Caleb’s carefully controlled world shatters like the broken wine glasses at their feet.

When an old friend offers Jo a job on concert tour in Europe, it's just the break she needs—provided she can face the music. Then she discovers her boss is the arrogant jerk who sent her servers’ tray flying. Forced to work together for two months on the road, Caleb’s meticulous order clashes with Jo’s impulsivity until the resulting sparks threaten to burn them both—and the musicians they’re there to support. When disasters strike, however, they each discover there’s more beneath the surface that neither wants to share, and the pull towards each other becomes harder to deny. But as sparks ignite to a simmering flame, that connection becomes even harder to accept, because allowing someone in again means letting go of the pasts that neither are prepared to face.

Mentorship: Anita Kelly, WTMP 2023


For chaos-minded Brett McKenzie, the only thing that ever made total sense was music. But as she stands on stage in London, struggling to kickstart her newly solo career after her band’s sudden split, the last person Brett expects to see in the audience is the boy who stole her heart eight years ago…then disappeared off the face of the earth.

Flash back eight years to when closet lyricist James Scott locks eyes with Brett during her performance at a local music event. While there’s an instant connection between them through the music, it’s Brett’s unrestrained passion and James’s quiet intensity that draw them together like a melody to the beat. As Brett awakens an ambition in James long ago smothered by an emotionally abusive father, James’s previously guarded heart melts to putty in her palm. But Brett’s boyfriend is the lead singer of her band, and with her dream within strumming distance, James knows she’ll never give that up.

Told in alternating timelines between the building and breaking of a profound friendship and their passionate reconnection one magical night in London eight years later, James and Brett grow from friends to so much more as they trade guitar lessons and study sessions, sparking a creative connection that resonates across the years. But James has secrets and Brett ambitions, and with past wounds simmering between them, happy ever after seems impossible. Except that Brett and James have no idea how intertwined their worlds are destined to be. Unless they can confront their own truths, the extraordinary future neither dreamed possible might well be lost forever.

Mentorship: Jaime Dill, Rogue Mentor 2022


Five years ago, Dan Savvides walked away from the only life he ever knew, and all the problems that went with it. But standing atop his swanky apartment building in LA after being booted out of the successful rock band he just gave five years of his life to, those problems are catching up to him. His sister is getting married, and to the best friend of his ex’s new husband.

Greta Collins has just flipped her world on its head. After twelve years of being moulded and painted into whatever the next photoshoot wants her to be, of being dumped by the men who fall in love with the pretty exterior but out of love with the girl underneath, she’s kicking the modelling career her mother pushed her into to the curb and starting fresh. Although right now, she’s not even sure she knows who Greta Collins really is.

When Greta and Dan are asked to be groomswoman and bridesman at the same wedding, and to do so standing alongside their respective exes, complicated and painful would be a mild way of describing their situation. Bonding over their failures—in life and in love—what starts out as self-deprecating humour soon becomes a camaraderie, and a solace they’ve not found in anyone else. But when a hot, should-never-have-happened kiss leads to a white lie about a relationship, Greta and Dan are faced with two choices: blow up the lives and relationships they’re so desperately trying to fix, or spend four weeks faking it on a couples’ holiday in Provence—with their happily married exes.

Published Flash Fiction

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